Artist Statement

Lynne Solomon – Visionary Abstract Expressionist

My artwork reveals expressive responses to awe inspiring encounters. These human experiences are within body and soul and are brought forth with a free-spirited mind and a disciplined eye.

My connection to “Nature’s Forces” inspires artwork that is no longer restrained by boundary lines. My intuition and bodily memories direct me into a process of creation and letting go. Thus, the paintings communicate my thoughts, emotions, ideas, experiences and my spirit.

The images manifest elements that engage in the real to the surreal. My art moves into the unexpected and the unconventional. I often combine various mediums, with dramatic color and light, and vigorous strokes that create animated organic forms. Unrestrained mixing of elements generates paintings with an energy inspired by the world and the vital forces that govern the universe.

I experience a heartfelt bond with nature and its impact upon us. My intention is to open up new ways of seeing and to incite the imagination of viewers. There is a desire within me to uncover and find other future realities.

The paintings reveal influences and a relationship to the skies of Turner, the symbolism and brushwork of Anselm Kiefer, the sensual forms of Georgia O’Keefe, the expressiveness of Picasso and the art of Chinese Brush Painting.